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  Welcome to Dr. Mazin S. Al-Hakeem Website


IEEE - Member
IEEE Member #: 93573534
dr.mazin @

IACSIT - Senior Member
International Scientific Association of Computer Science and Information Technology
NO.: 80351186
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ARSCO - Member
Arab Scientific Community Organization
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ARid - Member
Arab Researcher iD
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KAAI - Member
KOICA Alumni Association in Iraq
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ARSEAM - Board Member
(Academic Research In Science, Engineering, Art and Management)
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IJCSE - Coming
(International Journal of Computer Sciences and Engineering)
Member ID : IJCSE-M-00020

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Oct 11-12, 2018

2018 ICCET
Feb 24-26, 2018
Nanyang Technological University (NTU), Singapore


2nd-AIC-MITC’17 - IEEE
22-23/ 11/ 2017
2017 Second Al-Sadiq International Conference on Multidisciplinary in IT and Communication Science and Applications, Baghdad, Iraq

October 11-13, 2017
Princess Sumaya University for Technology, Amman, Jordan


Technical News

Big Data: Reality and Challenges
((English Content - PPS file ))

Big Data
((Arabic Content - PDF file ))

The Coming Information Networks Giant
(Arabic Content - PDF file ))

Flipped Learning
((Arabic Content - PDF file ))

E-Waste processing in Iraq between Indeed and Ambition
((Arabic Content - PDF file ))

Apple TV
((Arabic Content ))

Cisco's TelePresence - Cisco Connected Classroom
((Arabic Content ))

Stop Online Piracy Act - SOPA
((Arabic Content )) :: Blog

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Scientific Sites


Small Business Incubators

Small Business Incubators in Iraqi Producing Universities


Iraqi e-governance

National Strategy and Action Plan for Iraqi e-governance


e-Waste Recycling Awareness Campaign



4.88 (Dec 2016)

- G Scholar
93573534 IEEE No:
1379757 EDAS ID:


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Qalaa - Editorial Board
Qalaa Scientific Journal, Lebanese French University (LFU), Erbil, KRG - Iraq
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IJACSA - Reviewer
(International Journal of Advanced Computer Science and Applications), The Science and Information (SAI), England
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ACSAT 2014
(3rd International Conference on Advanced Computer Science Applications and Technologies)
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IJCTT - Board Member & Reviewer
(International Journal of Advanced Computer Science and Applications), The Science and Information (SAI), England
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IJSER - Editorial Board
(International Journal of Scientific & Engineering Research)
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Annual Conference on New Trends in ICT Applications
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ICCBN 2017
5th International Conference on Communications and Broadband Networking
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